Obama plans birthday celebration with a whole lot of company as CDC worries about COVID spike

Barack Obama is planning a huge birthday party at his multi-million dollar home, despite a surge in COVID cases in a nearby town, prompting the CDC to put in place new mask guidelines.

Obama, who turns 60 on Wednesday, is expected to host the party next weekend with nearly 500 guests and 200 employees.

It will reportedly take place in the former president’s palatial home on nearly 30 acres of waterfront property in Martha’s Vineyard.

According to Axios, rock legends Pearl Jam are set to entertain guests, while other reports suggest celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Steven Spielberg will be in attendance.

“The party is already the talk of Uber drivers, hotel maids and check-in staff,” writes Axios.

“Former President Obama is holding a 60th birthday party for himself on Martha’s Vineyard … 475 confirmed guests – Pearl Jam should play … Steven Spielberg was also expected.” Https://

– Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) August 1, 2021

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Obama birthday party amid a spike in COVID

The report shows that the Obama birthday celebration is approaching as a spike in COVID cases has been seen near Provincetown, Massachusetts, fueled by the Independence Day celebrations.

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A New York Times story over the weekend notes that although Provincetown visitors were largely vaccinated, scientists still traced 965 cases to the celebrations.

They described some of the gatherings as “where many gathered without a mask” and found that the CDC cited the cluster when making new mask recommendations even among fully vaccinated Americans.

Local leaders in Provincetown also responded to the surge in cases by bringing back the mask mandate.

Officials have so far refused to state whether guests at the Obama birthday party will be asked to wear masks.

Obama is reportedly taking precautions at his big birthday event, making sure it takes place outside, having a “COVID coordinator” moderate it, and asking all guests to get vaccinated or tested.

To ensure that all guests are vaccinated, Axios reports that “they did not say when, where or what evidence they would need to provide”.

Martha’s Vineyard itself is not considered a “substantially high” risk area.

Vote personally – Superspreader event.

Dems protest against the expiry of the moratorium in the Capitol – completely normal.

Trump rally – superspreader event.

Obama’s private birthday party with 500 guests – quite normal.

And politicians wonder why most Americans hate them?

– Beth Baumann (@ eb454) August 2, 2021

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Criticism of Obama’s party

Piers Morgan shredded the news of the Obama birthday party, pointing out that there would be massive outcry if former President Trump held a soiree with a multitude of guests while the White House and CDC urge Americans to use masks to wear and get vaccinated.

“The look of this event couldn’t be worse for someone like Obama, who always took pride in taking public health very seriously and setting a good example,” writes Morgan.

He continued, “But just as America’s most distinguished leaders are about to lead by example, Barack Obama is doing the exact opposite.”

Let me again know when our administration, led by President Biden, PUBLICLY AND LOUDLY calls on people like Citizen Barack Obama to cease their activities.

Until then, it’s all nonsense.

– Pradheep J. Shanker (eNeoavatara) August 2, 2021

“If you’re a liberal celebrity, the rules don’t seem to apply to you,” said Tommy Pigott, Rapid Response Director of the Republican National Committee, in a statement.

Of the 965 cases attributed to Provincetown celebrations, only seven people have been hospitalized and no deaths have been reported. Which suggests the vaccine will be effective even if the delta variant is pumped up by the media.

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