Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

It is a bloody good thing that you do what you do as Democrats in DC bow to His Lordship Joseph, Earl of Manchin, and pray that he cobble together some sort of legislation that could save our republic for the people the ruin.

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And now our feature presentation …

Cheers and Jeers for Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Note: If this kiddy pool rocks what the hell are you doing?

By numbers:

4 days!!!

Days until International Beer Day: 4th

Days until Donald Trump arrives in a golden victorious car to magically reclaim the throne, some guy who makes pillows to make a living: 10

Percent of Democrats polled by AP-NORC who believe President Biden is doing a good job: 92%

Democratic approval for Vice President Kamala Harris or Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi: 81%, 67%

Amount recently donated by MacKenzie Scott and Melinda Gates to gender-related organizations: $ 40 million

Initial jobless claims last week, 24,000 fewer than the previous week: 400,000

Current waiting time for van conversion kits from Outside of vans because so many people are out and about during the pandemic (many work remotely): 8-12 months

Puppy picture of the day: Literally…

APPLAUSE until August. The dog days. The month everyone, not just Congress, gets to take off, and thanks to the reinvigorated pandemic (thanks, anti-Vaxxers!), So are many of us this year. The month everyone wears their whites because they know Labor Day is just around the corner. The 13th is the major Republican holiday known as “Blame Someone Else Day” and the next 28 days will also include National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, Watermelon Day, Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Mustard Day, Potatoe (I prefer the Dan Quayle spelling) Day, Cherry Popsicle Day, and Trail Mix Day, followed on September 1st with “Darling, where did we put the treadmill?” Day.

All month long: while Democrats hesitate, Republicans in the red states continue to destroy any hope for democracy. Also: It’s peach month!

Loni Anderson and I (but unfortunately not Leo Neil Armstrong, except in spirit) blow out our birthday candles on Thursday, the day after Barack Obama turns 60. Of course, it is also the month in which you I never want to launch a fake war on the basis of lies in public, but you definitely seek to illegally bring a defeated former president back to power on the orders of a former coke addict who is now filling pillows with pine cones and dryer fluff to make a living. Cosmically speaking, you will see a full moon on the 22nd and the Perseid meteors will come down between the 11th and the 13th, so hold the cast iron pan by your head. And as always, humanity will continue to destroy the planet at record speed to conquer money, power and consumer goods. Oh, for the good old days when August was boring.

APPLAUSE things that sound dirty but aren’t for $ 1 trillion, Alex. “It’s in – and BIG.” So said Eth HuffPo’s cheeky headline in yesterday morning’s email describing the infrastructure bill being drafted by the Senate Democrats and Trump cultists. So let’s take a look at it and see if big is really better:

Among the major new investments, the bipartisan package is set to provide $ 110 billion for roads and bridges, $ 39 billion for local public transport and $ 66 billion for rail. In addition, 55 billion US dollars are to be made available for the water and wastewater infrastructure as well as billions for airports, ports, broadband internet and charging stations for electric vehicles.

The expenditures are popular with lawmakers and bring long delayed capital to large expenditures that cities and states can rarely afford.

But oh dear, how are we ever going to pay such an extravagant bill with all this luxury? I have a suggestion – Republicans pay the same for their tax cuts. God bless non-partisanship.

APPLAUSE to great inventions. This week 134 years ago, in 1887, Chester A. Hodge of Beloit, Wisconsin received a patent for barbed wire. Or as Vladimir Putin calls it: wrapping paper.



Spotted on Autobahn 5 in 1966! The animatronic characters for “Pirates of the Caribbean” on the way to Disneyland!

– Vintage Los Angeles (@alisonmartino) July 31, 2021


JEERS to reach the end of your bamboo fiber rope. The “check” of the 2020 ballot paper in Maricopa district, Arizona, which was launched by Senate Republicans and largely paid for by Trump sufferers like Michael Flynn and the One America News Network, is apparently over. I know the tension is killing you, so Here are the first conclusions from an effort to overturn the election results announced almost a year ago:

“Not even a breath of salvation at this point” said Senator Paul Boyer, the first Republican senator to speak out publicly against the exam in May. “They botched it at so many points along the way that it is irretrievable.”

Of course, the DemonRAT party hired this guy to eat all the tell-tale bamboo fiber.

Boyer won company last weekend when another Republican, Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, one of the legislature’s strongest supporters for stricter electoral law, agreed that “the Trump exam” was “botched.” Together with all 14 Democrats, a majority of the Senate, which commissioned the examination, is now against it. […]

Meanwhile, the schedule for a final report, which was last expected at the end of July, has shifted further and further.

Four months of incompetence, grip and full gas lighting. In the immortal words our 45th President: “I find it terrible when people or states are allowed to issue ballot papers for a long time after the election. I find it terrible when we are on election night in a modern computer age. “ Yes. Hideous.

APPLAUSE to get your mittens onto the goods. Nobody in their right mind wants to see my tax returns because they are frankly boring. But that may not be the case with a specific taxpayer by name.[checks notes]- Trump, Donald John. He’s up to no good, according to the House Ways and Means Committee subcommittee for people who may be up to no good. And now the Justice Department says the IRS has to hand in his shoebox full of Trump’s receipts or they will have to spend the rest of their lives using a toothbrush to remove mold from Trump resort kitchens:

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel said in its statement that the House paths and the Appropriations Committee had “sufficient reasons” for request the information.

Nice morning for a walk!
Oh look It’s the rise of the best disinfectant.

Rep. Richard Neal, chairman of the House paths and Appropriations Committee welcomed the legal finding. “As I’ve been saying for years, the committee’s case is very strong and the law is on our side,” said the Massachusetts Democrat. “I’m glad the Justice Department approves and we can move forward.”

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-California, praised Neal for keeping track of the information. “Access to former President Trump’s tax returns is a national security issue,” she said in a statement. “The American people deserve to know the facts of their troubling conflicts of interest and the undermining of our security and democracy as President.”

Fearless Prediction: Aside from being corrupt as hell, he didn’t check the box to contribute $ 3 to the Clean Election Fund. Can we indict him again?

APPLAUSE to intelligent war management. 160 years ago, in 1861, President Lincoln signed the first federal income tax. He thought it was financially responsible because we were waging a civil war. Today red-haired Republicans would be camouflaging Lincoln as tax and spending liberals and hold the surrender ceremony Appomattox Hostage until he gave in and picked it up. And after Abe finished them There would be plenty of tearful Republicans pulling their red hats off their bums.

At C&J ten years ago: August 3, 2011

APPLAUSE to avoid a wet sponge. PUH !!! It’s all over – the debt ceiling has been raised and America has been pulled back from the brink of insolvency. Even better now we know exactly what to do To prevent this from happening, give Republicans everything they ask when they ask how they ask and never ask why. (Aren’t you glad we cleared up that uncertainty?) And guess what happened on Wall Street? The Dow plunged 89,000 points before recovering 88,754 of them. And Gladys the cleaning lady sincerely apologizes for unplugging the Dow computer system in the middle of the day so she could vacuum the break room. It happens!

And only one more thing …

APPLAUSE the birth of a meta-legend. And here we are in August 2020. Climate crisis? Clusterfuck. Pandemic? Clusterfuck. Republican-run executive? Clusterfuck. Immigration reform, infrastructure, the freaking Postal service? Cluster, cluster, cluster-you-know-what. Well I got something to get us out of the cluster fuck blues. Thanks to Wayback machine technology, we can bring you to August 3, 2006When life was simple, angel-faced children played stickball in the street, and Daddy came home to find his slippers, pipe, newspaper, and dinner waiting for him while the scent of jasmine wafted in the warm summer breeze. Oh and this ErrinF classic was at the top of the DKos charts:

I want to get out of this farce of a website. …


As if in a kind of sect, I was freely accepted, but now I am no longer allowed to go.

Since I cannot delete my account myself, my only option is to be as aggressive and disruptive as possible UNTIL MY ACCOUNT IS DELETED.

As long as my account stays here, I feel uncomfortable leaving it. Is it really that difficult to delete my account so I can leave? What kind of website can you sign in but not leave? One that regards people as little more than statistics, that’s it. How like the Democratic Party for Kos to view the members of his site as statistics only.


And for a brief moment, when you close your eyes and take a deep breath, unicorns frolic again in the fields of the Great Orange Satan. And I swear there is a touch of jasmine in the breeze.

Have a bearable Tuesday. Floor’s open … What are you cheering and howling about today?

Today’s shameless C&J testimonial

“I am more than ready to go to Cheers and Jeers if they want to put me in Cheers and Jeers. And if they do, they will face the consequences in the children’s pool.

—Rudy Giuliani

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