The Missouri governor pardoned a pair who went viral for waving weapons to protesters

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has officially pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

Mark McCloskey recently pleaded guilty Fourth degree assault and fined $ 750. Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to the harassment and was fined $ 2,000. They did not face jail time or risk losing their weapons because their convictions were offenses.

“They are thrilled,” said the couple’s lawyer, Joel Schwartz. “As Mark McCloskey said, if he were in the same situation again he would do the same, and he feels vindicated by the governor’s pardon.”

“I would do it again,” said Mark McCloskey after a hearing. “Whenever the mob comes up to me, I will do everything I can to put them in imminent danger of bodily harm because that has kept them from destroying my home and family.”

The McCloskeys said they had been threatened by the protesters, however Special Prosecutor Richard Callahan said his investigation showed the protesters were peaceful.

In May, Mark McCloskey announced he was running for a Missouri Senate seat, and announced it on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.

“God came to my door disguised as an angry mob last summer,” McCloskey told Carlson. “And it really woke me up.”

Alan is a writer, editor, and news junkie from New York.

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