Within the face of a nationwide public well being catastrophe, DeSantis joins the “Immigrants Convey Ailments” tropical prepare

Campaign action

First the facts: “Florida is approaching a peak in the pandemic that could even eclipse this winter’s numbers; 1 of 5 of Everyone US COVID-19 Cases Now Under DeSantis Jurisdiction; Hospitals and other health institutions warn that they are in the face of crisis conditions; and the state continues to lag behind on vaccinations, in large part because of DeSantis’ own derisive political attacks on health officials, ”wrote my colleague Hunter today.

None of this is due to immigrants or the southern border; I mean, even the geography doesn’t match. However, that doesn’t stop Ron and his gang from spreading this racist “immigrant bring disease” trope. I feel like I’ve repeated the last one ad nauseam, but maybe it’s because the Republicans were racist ad nauseam. I mean, it’s really no surprise there either As soon as they feel the heat, they blame the immigrants. It’s a story as old as time.

“At this point we could explain that the limit isn’t really the problem, ”writes Steve Bennn of MSNBC. “We could also explain that Florida is one of the largest peninsulas in the hemisphere – it is mostly surrounded by water – and borders Georgia and Alabama, not Mexico. But ultimately it doesn’t really make sense to take DeSantis’ rhetoric seriously as a substantive argument because it isn’t. The governor has no plan to deal with his state’s worsening public health crisis; he rejects policies that could help for purely political reasons; and he’s on the defensive after the president helped expose his indifference. “

Then there is DeSantis’ claim about a “The southern border is wide open. ”For God’s sake (forgive me, Mom, for taking the Lord’s name in vain), the Biden administration only announced last Monday that it was upholding Stephen Miller’s anti-asylum policy, which Proven to be more effective in preventing asylum seekers than any stupid physical wall. TThe former President’s illegally appointed Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, literally cheered the President’s decision to keep Title 42.

Some people have criticized immigrant rights advocates for calling for an end to these inhumane policies, arguing that it would give ammunition to Republicans. But even if Title 42 continues indefinitely, Republicans continue to declare, “a wide open southern border ”anyway. Asylum seekers and families are paying the price for this political gimmick.

“Ron Desantis and his incompetence led Florida to a place where the state accounts for 23% of hospital admissions nationwide and hospitals are holding voting procedures,” tweeted Thomas Kennedy. The Florida attorney let DeSantis so far into the fire that the thin-skinned Republican called Kennedy a “well-known agitator” and banned him from his press conferences. “As usual, he scapegoats immigrants as a distraction,” Kennedy continued. “What an absolutely disgusting and cowardly thing.”

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