Information Roundup: COVID-19 Continues To Rise, Infrastructure Delays, GOP Blames Everybody Else

It is Friday! Friday takes its name from goddesses of love! Friday is also considered unhappy in some cultures and very happy in others (at least for the harvest). Does it mean anything else that Friday is? Maybe not in this time of 24/7 news and social media. But it’s important to us and to Daniel Craig.

– Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend 😌 (@CraigWeekend) July 30th, 2021

Here are some stories you might have missed:

The Republican Congressman, who filed a lawsuit over masks last week, tests positive for COVID this week

The Senate infrastructure is temporarily displacing stalls and will resume on Saturday
“Order Prevents Us From What We Do”: ACLU Sues Abbott on behalf of Migrant Aid Volunteers
Team Trump was really planning a coup. It is high time to take it seriously
The recently vaccinated Scalise wants voters to know that the Democrats are responsible for the Red State’s rise

And from the community:

We do not enjoy being right in everything
The California hydropower plant is shut down due to a mega-drought when the water level is low.

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