Jill Biden should restore the White Home rose backyard that Melania Trump destroyed a 12 months in the past

A year ago, Melania Trump destroyed the rose garden so Trump could hold an illegal Republican party conference in the White House.

Historian Michael Beschloss tweeted:

The evisceration of the White House rose garden was completed a year ago this month, and here was the dire result – decades of American history had to go: @dougmillsnyt

Melania Trump destroyed part of the world’s largest living museum dedicated to democracy so that her husband could illegally hold the 2020 Republican Convention at the White House:

The removal of historic trees in the Rose Garden of the White House made this camera shot possible during the Republican convention a year ago this month:

There is no substitute for the story, but the rose garden needs to be restored

Everyone knows Donald and Melania Trump are terrible people, but Melania Trump’s callous destruction of American history can turn into something good.

If First Lady Biden is interested, replacing the curls destroyed by Melania Trump would be an uplifting project for the nation. Melania Trump, like her husband, is not interested in America or its history.

What better way to symbolize the nation’s rebirth after Trump tried to literally kill it first with COVID and then with an attempted coup on Jan. 6 than to restore the rose garden with the life that the Trumps destroyed?

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