CNN buries Pillow Man with a full account of his delusions

This is going to be weird – and Lindell is getting more than a bit defensive here – but the key to being successful is that CNN has consulted real cyber and election experts, rather than the cabal of ostensible scammers that Lindell hired to clean up his gross pile of nothing interpret.

Reporter Drew Griffin took the alleged parcel detection evidence, which Lindell had touted as the linchpin of his efforts to get Donald Trump back to the White House, and left it in a sad, viscous puddle on the floor.

GRIFFIN (VOICEOVER, from 1:16): “When Lindell published his so-called evidence in videos like this one, the fact-checkers quickly discovered that it was nothing. These images are just publicly available voter data scrolling the screen and are not evidence of election hacking. So Lindell changed his story, saying that now the real evidence will be revealed at a cyber symposium that will be streamed live and MyPillow discounts are widely available. And as further proof, he sent CNN a preview: six different screenshots. “

GRIFFIN: “You sent that to us on Friday. What’s this?”

LINDELL: “That’s just a piece of 1.2 billion lines of data from the election. There will be timestamps in it, when it happened, there will be flips. “

GRIFFIN: “So we sent that to our own expert and he said it didn’t show any concrete actions of any kind, whether electoral or not, and it was evidence of nothing.”

LINDELL: “Okay, so he said it was nothing, right? Well, he’s wrong. Then you haven’t hired a cyber expert. “

GRIFFIN (VOICEOVER): “We not only consulted a cyber expert, we consulted nine top election security experts who told us that Lindell’s screenshots were ‘extremely rudimentary metadata’ and ‘completely ridiculous’.”

Oh, but that wasn’t all. When Griffin contacted 15 officials from 15 counties where Lindell says the voices were switched by Chinese hackers, they all said there was absolutely no evidence of hacking attacks. “We couldn’t find a single person who said this was even possible,” Griffin said to Lindell. “They say you are wrong, they think you are wrong. The bottom line is that they have ballot backups. “

At this point Lindell got just a little defensive: “So you went and got audited there?” They’re getting you to do a full exam, CNN? You did a full test in 15 counties, huh? “

If you ignore for the time being that the ballot backups and the subsequent recounts of Trump and Lindell’s allegations about election fraud have long been a lie, Lindell does not explain that it is prima-facie impossible to hack a voting machine that is not connected to the Internet . But, hey, why stand in the way of a funny story?

Later on in the segment, when Griffin said he was concerned that Lindell might fall victim to fraud, Lindell got sarcastic, quoting the $ 5 million price tag he has given to anyone who can expose his evidence: “Well, then why not? come to the symposium and earn $ 5 million? Are you worried about me We should hug. Are you worried about old Mike? Oh God bless you! “

It was crazy and nervous like I’ve never seen Lindell before, and to be honest, it was a little harrowing – almost like suddenly going on a murderous rampage on the brilliant Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

In a healthy world where facts and evidence were still important, Lindell would have allowed himself to be veiled by the interview, canceled his cyber symposium, the quiet needed for the 10th through the 12th. But he won’t do that. Because he’s Mike Lindell and Jesus told him Donald Trump was the rightful president.

My prediction? Lindell’s Cyber ​​Symposium – which will be like a Christmas party four months early to me – will reveal a lot more of what can be added to the heap of nothing that Lindell has already stored. But Lindell is not deterred. No matter how many cyber experts refute Lindell’s claims, they are all somehow “exposed” as the “wrong experts”. And this fantasy will last for years.

And while that’s great on our side (the more loyal Republicans think there’s no point in voting, the better, right?), Lindell’s cracker who likely convinced millions of fellow travelers that Trump will be reinstated before the year is out, is still corrosive to our democracy. And there are vicious anti-democratic forces like, well, our former president.

Fortunately, for once, a major news agency presented the receipts – and they show that Lindell is completely bankrupt.

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