Trump nailed by Jeffrey Rosen for immediately pressuring the DOJ to overturn the election

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) described Jeffrey Rosen’s testimony as Trump directly pressuring the DOJ to overturn the election.

Senator Durbin: It was very real and very specific

Video of Senator Durbin on CNN’s State Of The Union:

Senate Justice Committee member Senator Dick Durbin describes Jeffrey Rosen as a witness that Trump was directly involved in pressuring the DOJ to overturn the election: “It was real. Very real. And it was very specific. ”

Durbin was asked what shocked him most about Rosen’s testimony. He answered, “How directly in person involved the president who Pressure he put on Jeffrey Rosen. It was real. Very real. And it was very specific. This president is not subtle if he wants something that past president is not subtle when he wants something. It’s a good thing for America, us had a person like roses Position that dem. has withstood Print. “

When Trump failed to get the DOJ to overturn the election, he moved in the direction of the 1/6 plot.

Everything that happened between election day and 1/6 is related. If Trump’s pressure campaign on the DOJ had worked, the 1/6 attack would not have happened.

Failing to successfully abuse his presidential power to overturn the election, Trump turned his attention to planning the attack on the Capitol.

Trump had spent decades avoiding direct involvement in various potentially criminal companies and schemes. He always made room for denial, but losing the choice made his desperation worse.

Trump has slipped, and this time witnesses are calling in to conspire to overthrow the elections.

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