WATCH: Dr. CNN’s Ashish Jha assaults Taylor Greene to rejoice low vaccine charges

With the Delta variant showing up in red states, Republicans don’t seem particularly interested in fighting the virus. Rand Paul recently promised to combat any precautionary measures designed to limit the spread. And Ron DeSantis is more interested in banning masks than stopping the growing COVID problem in Florida.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently went a step further and celebrated Alabama’s low COVID vaccination rate. CNN’s Pamela Brown discussed the moment during a Monday show.

The host asked Dr. Ashish Jha: “But all of this is good for you Information you are trying put out there and other things Doctors against bad information comes from politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene. You just saw the congressman Greene congratulates an Alabama Crowd because of their low vaccination Valuation. How from a medical point of view? It is dangerous to send this news about a vaccine that could end this pandemic? “

Dr. Ashish Jah attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene and other politicians who are driving COVID disinformation.

The doctor replied, “It is in some ways puzzling because with any other illness you would not go to your political leader for medical advice. If you had cancer or a heart attack, you wouldn’t call your congressman or congressman and say, “What is the right therapy I should be getting? [Politician should] Let public health leaders and doctors move forward to get this under control. “

Greene’s stance is extreme, but many other GOP lawmakers are opposed to promoting the vaccine. And if they continue to do so, their states could end in disaster.

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