Lengthy-standing average Dem Artwork, who shouldn’t be looking for re-election within the district, Trump has received twice

On Tuesday, longtime moderate Democratic MP Ron Kind of Wisconsin announced that he would no longer stand for election in 2022.

The announcement came as a potential harbinger for the Democrats, who could hold onto a wafer-thin majority in the House of Representatives and face discouraging battles with the party, which traditionally loses seats in the midterm elections.

Child was first elected in 1996 in the rural 3rd district of Wisconsin. The race against his Republican rival Derrick Van Orden last fall was too close to be comforted. Child only won three percent. In 2018, he beat his GOP challenger by more than 20%.

Even more worrying for the Democrats was that Donald Trump won the district in 2016 and 2020.

MP Ron Kind, a senior Democrat in one of the most competitive seats, will not stand for re-election – a major blow to House Democrats in their tough battle for a majority next November

– POLITICAL (@political) August 11, 2021

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A rematch in 2022

Van Orden, a former Navy SEAL, is looking for a rematch in 2022. So far, he has raised $ 750,000 in the last quarter for the effort.

In a child retirement statement, Van Orden said this “is an indication of what I hear every day as I travel through the 3rd Ward: Wisconsinites want a change.”

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Ron Kind could be the last of a dying species. He and his district can be described as moderate. Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District is a place where former President Donald Trump won twice in 2016 and by an even bigger margin in 2020.

Nor was he afraid to take action against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or the party as a whole. Kind had said the Democratic Party needed new leadership after being led for over 10 years by Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Majority Whip James Clyburn.

Child resignation comes at the worst possible time for Democrats.

Three more Democrats from the Swing District have announced that they will not stand for re-election in 2022. MPs Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), Cheri Bustos (D-IL) and Conor Lamb (D-PA) running for the Senate.

That was terrible timing from Ron Kind. He could have waited through the reallocation process to make sure the Republicans don’t mess too much with WI-03, but now they will feel like they have permission to do whatever they want to get it to a red seat make. He could have sat down and waited, but didn’t.

– Andrew Ellison (@AndrewPEllison) August 10, 2021

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Only a few see the writing on the wall

It may not be obvious to everyone just yet, but the Democrats may be starting to sweat.

Fox News reports that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), chairman of the Democratic Campaign Committee in Congress, recently warned his Democrats in a closed-door meeting that Republicans would take control of the House if the midterm elections were held would be held now.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, however, did not want to hear about it. She said she was “confident” that the Democrats will keep control of the house.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Pelosi said: “I am very confident that we will win the house. I always run from behind. “She added,” You never run away from the best scenario, there are several scenarios here, that was one of them and I think this is a safe place to run away. “

Ron Kind, Democrat Representative for WI-3, sees the writing on the wall.

He knows he can’t win in 2022, so after that tenure he calls it QUITS.

Pro-Trump, Navy Seal and total PATRIOT, @derrickvanorden will win this seat. 🇺🇸

– Alex Bruesewitz (@alexbruesewitz) August 10, 2021

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Being “awake” doesn’t help the Democrats

The Democratic Party might do well to listen to moderates like Kind who say waking up won’t improve their chances in 2022.

The icon of Democratic political strategist James Carville loudly warned Democrats against using university faculty lounge vocabulary with terms such as “Latinx” and “color communities”. He continued, “Do you ever get the feeling that people in faculty lounges at fancy colleges use a different language than normal people? … That’s not how voters talk. “

Carville added that it is becoming apparent in democratic circles that being woken up is a problem, but no one will speak out for fear of the demolition culture mob.

During his announcement, Kind said he would continue to focus on issues such as COVID, the economy and infrastructure. He added, “I’m not done yet. We still have 16 months. I’ll tear the tie, as they say. “


Rep. Ron Kind, Democratic Congressman for the Trump constituency of WI-03, has announced his resignation.

A surefire pickup for the GOP next fall

– Red Eagle Politics (@RedEaglePatriot) August 10, 2021

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