Would Manchin and Sinema actually sabotage Biden’s imaginative and prescient for a greater future? We’ll see

Campaign action

Republicans forced votes on everything from cow farts (really) to critical racial theory, abortion, immigration, taxes, and defense spending all day and night. (If you want to see all 45 changes, C-SPAN is here for you.)

That job well done, Senator Joe Manchin, immediately became the shitty heap of Biden’s pursuits on Wednesday morning, with a statement outlining his concerns. His “serious” worries about the “grave consequences” for the future of spending so much money. Some people seem to have not had time to read the IPCC report on the dire consequences we are already living with because we are not spending trillions of dollars to prevent climate change.

Manchin’s deficit peacock cries are unwitting and gloomy ironic. He deplores the “negative impact on our children and grandchildren” that an increase in national debt will bring, ignoring the fact that our children and grandchildren are faced with a world where their very existence is threatened. He says the economy is “on the verge of overheating” based on absolutely no concrete evidence. How rich is that No, inflation is not the “overheating thing” to worry about right now.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer expressed little concern about Manchin’s stance on Wednesday morning. When asked if he would cut the bill per Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s stance, he said, “We’ll all get together … every part of Biden’s proposal will be there in a very robust way.”

Then he turned more directly to Manchin: “Some are worried about inflation. The way we deal with it, according to economists, is that we make sure we pay for it. We intend to pay for it.”

Schumer has a vast majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives and 49 other votes (including Vice President Kamala Harris) in support of him. The progressives of the House of Representatives – over 90 of them – have pledged to reject the bipartisan Senate’s bill if the reconciliation budget they receive does not meet the country’s climate and social infrastructure requirements.

That means all the “fame” of Manchin and Sinema for helping Republicans draft a slimmed-down bill on hard infrastructure would quickly fade.

With the House of Representatives back on their feet, Manchin and Sinema aren’t the only Democrats with influence.

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