Information Abstract: Tennessee Anti-Maskers Make Threats; Rand Paul spreads misinformation; Texas warrants

Rand Paul has reshuffled his career to downplay the pandemic and fuel conspiracies. It’s probably another fundraising gimmick.

On the News Today: A busy day on the pandemic news, but special attention should be paid to the anti-mask parents of Williamson County, Tennessee for making threats against health care workers trying to keep their children from dying protect. This is Williamson County, Tennessee. Write it down.

In other news, this new pandemic surge continues to target children – as children are the largest group not yet vaccinated. Another Republican lawmaker was suspended from social media for spreading misinformation about a pandemic, and yes, it’s Rand Paul. And the Republicans in Texas are issuing arrest warrants for the House Democrats who still refuse to participate in the Republican voter suppression attempts.


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Here are some of what you might have missed:

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