QAnon conspiracy theories led a person to imagine that the one approach to save the world was to kill his youngsters

“M. Coleman was asked if he knew what he was doing wrong,” wrote Special Agent Jennifer Bannon in the affidavit. “M. Coleman said he knew it was wrong, but it was the only way to save the world.”

The interview took place at a Mexican border checkpoint where Coleman was arrested on Monday. “He stated that he was enlightened by the QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and received visions and signs that revealed that his wife AC owned snake DNA and passed it on to his children,” the affidavit said. After the FBI was made aware of a possible kidnapping, an inspection of his van by border guards when it returned to the United States found no children, but blood in the vehicle.

While it’s unclear how Coleman was persuaded to kill his children after hearing these theories, his wife reported him and their two children missing after driving away with them in the family car last Saturday, the affidavit says Explanation. She told the Santa Barbara police that the family had planned a camping trip, but instead Coleman left without telling her where he was going. According to the affidavit, his wife didn’t think he would harm the children, but she was concerned that he didn’t have a child seat for either child.

During his interview with an FBI agent, Coleman said he used a crate as a car seat. Accordingly CBS news he is accused of dumping the children’s bodies in a ditch near Rosarito. According to an affidavit, he not only confessed to the murders on Monday, but also told the authorities the location of the weapon and the place where he removed his bloody clothing. He also identified two bodies found by Mexican authorities as those of his children.

The news came as a shock to family members and Coleman’s wife, who said “they had no arguments” before he left.

A member of Coleman’s local surfing community told The Daily Beast that he trusted Coleman so much that he “would have given him my own children in a second to take them surfing. I’ve never heard a parent complain about their program. So … it just doesn’t make sense. “

Accordingly abc news, Mexican and US authorities are working together to bring the children’s bodies home and further investigate the incident.

“A joint investigation is underway between the Santa Barbara Police Department, the FBI in Los Angeles and San Diego, the US Customs and Border Protection and the Mexican authorities,” the FBI said in a statement.

A judge ordered Coleman to be detained on Wednesday and filed his indictment on August 31st.

According to NBC News, Coleman’s claims about “Serpent DNA” can be linked to bizarre and false “reptilian” conspiracy theories that claim that influential people are human-lizard hybrids who have secretly assumed important positions around the world.

According to the affidavit, Coleman told authorities he learned about the theory through the QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories. While the lizard theory precedes both by decades, mixtures of the theory have been shared by both on all social media platforms.

QAnon theories have been gaining popularity in the U.S. recently, with many claiming that senior government officials secretly murder and eat children while Donald Trump worked quietly to defeat them during his tenure. The belief system has led to violence and crime across the country, with many of its believers being part of the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6th.

Law enforcement officials have repeatedly raised concerns about QAnon, with many social media platforms also working to ban groups driving this agenda.

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