California Recall winners and losers

Democrats emerged in large numbers to vote against the recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom. Here are the winners and losers.

California Recall winner

1). Governor Gavin Newsom – The California recall process has been canceled and urgently needs reform. Newsom had its political stumbling blocks, but was never able to be defeated by the Caucus of Crazy led by Larry Elder. Newsom should come out in a much stronger position from this recall election, and any people who doubted the Democrats and Newsom that they did not put up a viable Democrat in question two were proven wrong.

2). Joe Biden – Presidents are always at risk wading into statewide or congressional elections. Had Newsom been recalled, Biden would have suffered a political blow. Instead, the president appeared for the governor, and none won easily. The strength of the Biden political brand has been questioned for a number of years, and each time the president wins again.

3). The Democratic Party – Democrats never forgot Gray Davis’ recall in 2003. They didn’t take anything for granted in 2021 and ran a relentless campaign to get voters to vote no and send in their ballots. The Democrats had a great 2020, but the California recall showed they are still motivated and ready for 2022.

California recall loser

1). Larry Elder – The writing was on the wall for Elder when he claimed the recall was stolen from him before election day. Elder also launched an election fraud website before votes were counted. Elder is a walking disaster that ran as a Trump clone. It doesn’t matter whether Elder accepts the results or not. He was blown by 20-30 points when the Coalition Of The Sane came together to reject him.

2). Fox News – For days and weeks, Fox News has been trying tirelessly 24/7 to get Larry Elder across the finish line and they have failed. Fox made an even longer push for Trump in 2020, and it was blown out by Joe Biden. It is time to reassess Fox News’ power to get voters to the polls as they have now fallen into two high profile elections in less than a year.

3). Donald Trump – President Biden warned California voters that if they removed Newsom, they would win Trump as governor, and that news motivated voters to vote against the removal. Trumpism was again thoroughly rejected at the ballot box. If Trump was looking for a sign that his political comeback was going to be successful, he didn’t get it in California. Biden’s power is still strong and Donald Trump remains toxic.

4). California Taxpayers – This recall election cost taxpayers more than $ 200 million and was held a year before the next gubernatorial election. It was a waste of money that could have been better used elsewhere, especially since the state is still fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

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