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Bomb risk results in the closure of the Navy facility, which additionally contains the Walter Reed Hospital

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is seen shortly after the White House announced that President Donald Trump will be helicoptered to the hospital and “work from the presidential offices in Walter Reed for the next few days” after positive for the coronavirus Disease was tested (COVID-19), in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, October 2, 2020.

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A U.S. naval base outside of Washington, DC was locked down Wednesday morning following a bomb threat against Walter Reed Medical Center, which is located at the facility.

Staff and visitors to the Bethesda, Maryland base have been ordered to seek refuge and the facility’s gates have been closed to non-emergency traffic, according to tweets from the base and Walter Reed accounts.

The anonymous threat, called at around 8:45 a.m., warned of a bomb in or near Building 10 in Walter Reed, according to the Naval Support Activity Bethesda base Twitter feed.

The base later said there was no evidence of an active shooter at the facility, despite an earlier tweet saying an active shooter threat was being investigated.

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Walter Reed is a sprawling military hospital used for treatment by the Presidents of the United States and other government officials. Former President Donald Trump was hospitalized there last year when he contracted Covid-19.

“There is a danger at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. All employees and beneficiaries are instructed to stay away from Walter Reed Bethesda, ”warned the hospital’s Twitter account.

The base later tweeted that “K-9 teams are in the process of clearing buildings at Walter Reed.”

Just before 1 p.m. ET, the base tweeted, “The Walter Reed Bethesda Housing is being raised building by building. Those in it should stand by for further clarification:

Kai Hibbard, a veteran of Walter Reed, told CNBC in a text message that she had come to campus for an appointment for her husband and was about to leave the base when “everything was locked”.

“Loudspeakers have announced that all employees should go to the nearest building and shelters until the all-clear is given,” said Hibbard, who learned about the reported bomb threat on social media.

“My husband and I are safe, protected in place and have just watched the (which I assume) bomb dog and [its] Handlers walk across the parking lot, “Hibbard said.

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