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San Diego Photo voltaic Firm Provides Numerous Financing Choices for Clients in San Diego


Christian Solar, a San Diego solar company, is happy to announce that they are offering a variety of financing options to their solar customers in San Diego. Financing alternatives are available through their partnership with a number of financing companies, such as EnerBank USA, Renovate America Benji Financing, Service Finance Company, LLC, and Ygrene Energy Fund. The financing deal can have a duration of 1 to 30 years, depending on the financing company and their financing options.

People who are interested can request for more information by using the online form on the Christian Solar website. The company offers residential solar power installations in San Diego, helping homeowners to become energy independent. They can provide provide professional advice to homeowners on how they can have a better quality of life by using solar energy.

Shawn from Christian Solar says, “Solar panels generate their own power and offset your monthly electricity bill. A solar panel system typically has a life span of 25-30 years which means you can cut your electricity cost for decades. In addition, there are state and federal incentives for home solar power systems. While you will still have an electricity bill, solar power will substantially reduce the cost. When you first install your solar panel system, your utility company will provide you with an option to pay yearly. The billing cycle typically starts the same day your system turns on and ends a year later. At that point, you will receive a statement at the end of each solar billing cycle and this is referred to as a true-up bill.”

For those who need financial help, Christian Solar is offering the solar financing options. The option through EnerBank USA is a conventional installment arrangement with a 1 to 12 year term and an interest rate ranging from 8.99 percent to 14.99 percent. The alternatives offered by Renovate America Benji Financing are: a 5-year term with 10.00 percent interest rate; a 7-year term with 10.99 percent interest rate; and a10-year term with 11.99 percent interest rate.

The financing options through Service Finance Company, LLC are of two varieties: a 7-year arrangement with 12.99 percent interest rate and a 10-year term with 9.99 percent interest rate. And the financing alternatives offered by Ygrene Energy Fund are of four types: a 10-year term with 6.99 percent interest rate; a 15-year term with 7.25 percent interest rate; a 25-year term with 7.49 percent interest rate; and a 30-year term with 7.49 percent interest rate.

Christian Solar offers solar power installations for both residential and commercial applications. They have noted that there has been a recent increase in residential solar power installations. They want to point out that the market for residential solar power is relatively new but the more installations they make, they have realized that it is a great way to go green.

With regards to commercial buildings, they are ready to provide important tips on what to for when looking for a professional company. They are providing services that are designed to help clients reduce the amount of electricity that they use, as well as provide them with more environmentally friendly choices. The installation teams that they send are experienced and are trained to deal with all kinds of installations, whether it is a new installation or an update to an already installed unit.

Shawn says, “Whether you want new technology, or more energy-efficient appliances and electronics, you will find the right solar panels from use. Whether you are looking for incentives to go along with the installation or just ready to switch over, we can help. The goal of the incentives is to make your new purchase more cost-effective while helping you to be more responsible with your energy usage. This includes offering you the right solar panels and ensuring that you have them installed by the most qualified professionals.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the various solar financing options available in San Diego can check out the San Diego Solar – Christian Solar website, or contact them on the phone, or through email.

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